About ASES


We, the entire students of the department of Systems Engineering , University of Lagos, having firmly and solemnly resolved to live in unity and harmony as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign Students’ Association that is determined to promote, stimulate, and develop political, social, cultural and academic activities;

Having fully realized and discovered the growing role of students as catalyst of development in the university environment, national and international area are poised to work as a team in the Association of Systems Engineering Students.



The aims and objectives of the association shall be;

(a)    To promote the general welfare and interest of systems engineering students;

(b)   To promote the moral, social, academic and intellectual interest of its members;

(c)    To cherish, uphold and further the highest traditions of the university;

(d)   To ensure and provide its members with a healthy academic environment suitable for the pursuit of well rounded education in order to develop responsible citizens;

(e)   To promote and foster friendly relationship with other students’ bodies within and outside Nigeria whose aims are acceptable to the association



The Association shall consist of

(a)    REGULAR MEMBERS: who shall be matriculated student who registers as a member of the association  and is pursuing a course, the duration of which shall not be less than one academic year;

(b)   EXECUTIVE MEMBERS: who shall be individuals appointed by ASES SEC subject to the approval of the house and such appointment shall be based on the interest and contributions of those individuals in students and academic matters as relates to the university.



Regular members shall have the rights and privileges to:

(a)    Use the facilities provided and recognized by the association;

(b)   Wear and display the official colours of the association ;

(c)    Be members of recognized or affiliated clubs and societies of the association  ;

(d)   Participate in recognized meetings and functions of the Association; vote and be voted for in approved Association elections subject to the provisions of this constitution governing conduct of the elections;

(e)   Attend and vote at any referendum organized by the Association