5 Jun

Graduates with 4 years Experience can now register with NSE and COREN

The H.O.D has announced that our graduates with at least 4 years engineering practice experience should proceed with registration with COREN and NSE, , the requisite professional bodies in the country.

Graduates should visit the website of each body and register based on the guidelines provided therein.

The link to the registration guidelines for COREN is found here while that for NSE can be found on their website here.

They are advised for now, to register as Industrial Engineers or Mechatronics Engineers etc. with NSE but as Systems Engineer with COREN. 50 such engineers registered with COREN may apply to NSE to start a Systems Engineering Division. That would go a long way to promote our discipline, their national and international recognition and networking for practice etc.

Also a registration page for the department’s alumni has been created here. Do register to foster interaction with staff, students and other graduates.