The Systems Engineering program of the University of Lagos was established in 2000. It is a hybrid program in which materials are selected from the classical Engineering programmes of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering as well as Computer Science. Systems Engineering was developed in response to the challenges faced by today’s scientific and Engineering community that require the ability to handle large or complex systems. Systems Engineering require interdisciplinary skills and has the objective, like other Engineering disciplines of using advances in science and technology to empower both individuals and the society at large.

The present Department of Systems Engineering evolved out of the teaching and research activities of the Engineering Analysis Unit (EAU) which was established early in the 1970/71 session as a sub-unit within the Civil Engineering Department for the study and development of mathematical techniques in the modeling and solution of Engineering problems.

It later became an autonomous academic Unit within the faculty in 1975. Only post-graduate degrees were awarded initially. In the year 2000, the first set of undergraduate students was admitted.

It comprised the following and they are:

• UME Students (100 level),

• students from other Departments of Faculty of Engineering who were crossing over from 100 to 200 level,

• students who just completed the Diploma II programme, (200 level) and

• direct entry students (A-Level and OND) (200 level)

The criteria for admission was a CGPA of 3.50 and above (for Diploma entrants) while the OND direct entry students were expected to have an upper credit.

Our programs offer specializations in Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Analysis, Modeling & Simulation and Engineering Management.  To support these areas, we are developing laboratories for Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Computational Studies & Visualization and Software Engineering.


Staff of Distinction

The academic staff of the Department are outstanding scholars with varied backgrounds who have continually distinguished themselves.  For example, the pioneer H.O.D, (retired) Prof. V.O.S. Olunloyo was a National Merit Award (NNOM) laureate in 1998 and the first person appointed as a Distinguished Professor by UNILAG in 2007.  Prof. O.Ibidapo-Obe, a former Vice-Chancellor of UNILAG (2002-2007) holds the record as the youngest person appointed as a professor of this University (at 34 years) and is the current president of the Nigerian Academy of Science. Professor O.A. Fakinlede was formerly Director of Information Systems at the Energy Commission of Nigeria, Dr. O.S. Asaolu emerged as the nation’s best Software Developer in 2001 and as the Inter Academy Panel Young Scientist for 2009 while Dr. T.A. Fashanu won the Nigerian Universities Commission(NUC) Award for best Doctoral Thesis in Engineering for 2005


Past and Present Head of Department

Headship Year
Distinguish Professor V.O.S. Olunloyo 2000-2006
Dr. O.A. Agboola 2006
Professor O.A Fakinlede 2007-2010
Dr. O.S. Asaolu 2010-2012
Dr. T.A. Fashanu 2012-2014
Dr. O.S. Asaolu 2014-date

Number of B.Sc graduates produced since 2004 to date

Year No of Graduates First Class
2003/2004 27 3
2005/2006 41 3
2006/2007 63 2
2007/2008 93 3
2008/2009 72 6
2009/2010 43 7
2010/2011 36 3