The graduate programme has five areas of specialization from which the student is expected to select one viz: Engineering Analysis, Modeling and Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology and Engineering Systems Management.  

M.Sc Admission Requirements
i. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in an Engineering or Physical Sciences (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science etc.) discipline from this and any other approved university may apply for admission into this programme.
ii. Candidates may be required to satisfy the Department in a selection process before admission.
iii. Candidates are required to satisfy all other requirements of the School of Postgraduate Studies.
M.Sc Degree Requirements
To satisfy the requirements for the award of the M.Sc. Systems Engineering degree, a candidate must:
a. Offer and pass all core courses in his chosen area of specialization.
b. Offer and pass such number of 800-level elective course as is required to bring the total of 800-level course units (including core courses but excluding project) to at least 21 units.
c. Offer and pass 6 units of project and
d. Satisfy all other conditions stipulated in the regulation of the School of Postgraduate Studies.