The undergraduate programme in Systems Engineering provides students with basic training and skills in analysis, design, monitoring and control of engineering systems. The programme stresses the importance of humanistic and societal concerns as they shape the designer’s approach to solution of problems of confronting the modern society. The Systems Engineer therefore strives to serve the dual needs of the society for the design of reliable and efficient systems, whilst protecting the overall integrity of the host environment.
Students have three study options within the major: Operations Research/ Manufacturing, Robotics and Systems Modeling and Simulation. The Operations Research/Manufacturing Option combines basic Systems Engineering knowledge with quantified management techniques enabling the Systems Engineer to plan, control, design and manage manufacturing operations. The Robotics option offers the Systems Engineer expertise in the design of functional robots in an engineering environment, while the Systems Modeling and Simulation option provides the engineer with the modern dynamic expertise of modeling stochastic and deterministic systems by simulation and animation. In all these options, emphasis is laid on computer applications and design of engineering systems.
Undergraduate courses offered in the department lead to the award of the B.Sc. (Honours) in Systems Engineering.